For June, we are concentrating on Boys, Ages 5-9.  This is another age group for which we don’t pack enough shoe boxes.  Please take your items to the Nursery or to the room on the second floor where Angie is storing everything.

soccer ball, manual pump crayons chalkboard and chalk
toy truck, car, or boat markers binoculars
stuffed animal notebooks building blocks
harmonica blank index cards tool set
comb solar-powered calculator foam ball
hairbrush scissors baseball and mitt
toothbrush (NO toothpaste) ruler tennis ball
bar soap (packaged or in container glue sticks (NO liquid glue) yo-yo
adhesive bandages small adhesive tape small Frisbee
reusable plastic cups shirts and pants small kite
reusable plastic water bottle underwear hacky sack
reusable bowl or plate shoes and socks
blunt-edged utensils flip-flops
non-liquid lip balm wristwatch
solar flashlight (or extra batteries) hat/scarf/mittens
pencils sunglasses
small pencil sharpener coloring books
erasers puzzles
colored pencilspencil case Playdough (plastic cookie cutters)
pens stickers


Jun 05 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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